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Emily Rose

Selected Works


For more information about Emily Rose and her presentations, please visit www.emrosebooks.com

Emily Rose is the author of Portraits of Our Past: Jews of the German Countryside (Jewish Publication Society, 2001). A translation of her book was published in Germany as Als Moises Kaz seine Stadt vor Napoleon rettete--Meiner jüdischen Geschichte auf der Spur Moises Kaz Saved His Town from Napoleon: On the Trail of My Jewish History) (Stuttgart: Konrad Theiss Verlag, 1999). The Jewish Book Council chose Portraits of Our Past as a National Jewish Book Awards Finalist. She has appeared in several television talk shows, and a television cultural program in Germany featured her story and research. She has given programs throughout North America and in Germany at libraries, various organizations including the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference, Jewish Book Fairs, Jewish genealogical conferences, the Association of Jewish Libraries conference, and the Naples Press Club’s Authors and Books Festival Writers’ Conference. Emily’s discovery of the roots of the founder of the Berlitz School of Languages in a small south German Jewish community has garnered national and international attention. Her articles have also appeared in the Israeli Jewish Genealogical Society Journal, Sharsheret Hadorot and forthcoming in the Michigan Jewish History.She grew up in Scarsdale, NY and graduated from Wheaton College, Norton, Massachusetts cum laude with history honors. For three years she traveled and worked in Europe, Israel, Afghanistan, and India. She and her husband lived in and around Lima, Peru for almost a decade. There she taught adult literacy and started a cottage weaving industry employing Andean Indians. She and her husband reside in Naples, Florida. During a visit in 1992 to the Czech Republic and Poland, a few cursory inquiries into her ancestors’ lives led to a new and fascinating focus to her life. Her family had emigrated in the 1843-1870 period so she had no knowledge of their lives and did not speak German. Nevertheless, she spent the next 5 years researching her maternal ancestors and the rural Jews in south Germany, the Czech Republic, and the formerly Prussian area of present-day Poland. She undertook research in the local, city, and state archives for eight weeks each summer. Emily’s current project is the story of her maternal great grandfather. Nine Karpen brothers emigrated from Prussia in 1870; founded the very successful S. Karpen & Bros. furniture manufacturing company in 1880 in Chicago; and became the unwelcome partners in the Bakelite Company.